A global overview of forest protected areas on the World Heritage List.

United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre (United Nations Environment Programme-WCMC) (1997)

This working paper provides a global overview of the current coverage of forest protected areas on the World Heritage List and suggests potential forest areas which may merit future nomination to this prestigious List. Despite the essential role that forests play in climate control, flora and fauna habitat, and in the lives of the human population, they continue to be one of the most threatened biomes. Recent estimates indicate that nearly 50% of the world's original forest cover has been lost and over 4.000 tree species have been listed by lUCN as globally threatened. This working paper identifies the 61 forest protected areas currently on the World Heritage List, representing 39 countries and over 50 million ha of protected area. It further locates 25 potential forest protected areas from various global regions which may merit future World Heritage nomination. The 61 sites are categorized by forest type (tropical moist, tropical dry. sub-tropical, temperate and boreal) and biogeographical realm and numbered to provide the reader easy reference to the tables, figures and maps.

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