Disaster Risk Reduction: A Toolkit for Tourism Destinations: Practical Examples from Coastal Settlements in Asia

United Nations Environment Programme (2008)

This publication was made possible through funding from the EU-Asia Pro Eco II B Post-Tsunami Programme and is part of the project on Disaster Reduction through Awareness, Preparedness and Prevention Mechanisms in Coastal Settlements in Asia - Demonstrations in Tourism Destinations. The project was implemented over a two year period and aimed to build capacity for disaster risk reduction in three tsunami-affected tourism destinations in India and Thailand. The toolkit provides information and resources based on the project experience in the three demonstration sites. It is destined to local municipalities and to the various actors involved in emergency planning and response. Users will find information relating to the various steps that need to be undertaken, from the preliminary assessment, to capacity building, disaster prevention and preparedness planning, to communicating and disseminating key information.

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