The Environmental Management Act, 2011 - Zambia

Zambia (2011)

An Act to continue the existence of the Environmental Council and re-name it as the Zambia Environmental Management Agency

provide for integrated environmental management and the protection and conservation of the environment and the sustainable management and use of natural resources

provide for the preparation of the State of the Environment Report, environmental management strategies and other plans for environmental management and sustainable development

provide for the conduct of strategic environmental assessments of proposed policies, plans and programmes likely to have an impact on environmental management

provide for the prevention and control of pollution and environmental degradation

provide for public participation in environmental decisionmaking and access to environmental information

establish the Environment Fund

provide for environmental audit and monitoring

facilitate the implementation of international environmental agreements and conventions to which Zambia is a party

repeal and replace the Environmental Protection and Pollution Control Act, 1990

and provide for matters connected with, or incidental to, the foregoing.

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