Global and Flyway-scale Monitoring and Conservation Programs for Migratory Water-birds of the Arctic: CAFF CBMP Report No. 7

CAFF International Secretariat (2004)

The Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna Working Group of the Arctic Council (CAFF) and Wetlands International (WI) share a common purpose to promote the conservation and sustainable use of (wetland) biodiversity in the Arctic. At the request of the CAFF International Secretariat, this discussion paper was developed to highlight the potential for cooperative actions between CAFF and Wetlands International, with a focus on inclusion of Wetlands International's global and flyway initiatives in the Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program (CBMP). This paper was also presented and discussed at the CAFF X Biennial Meeting in Anchorage, 14-16 September 2004. To achieve this, the discussion paper reviews: - Wetlands International's approach to conservation of wetland biodiversity. - The scope of wetland monitoring, research and conservation programs of WI around the world, with special emphasis on strategic overlap with the goals and objectives of CAFF, and proposed activities to support the implementation of the CBMP It is envisaged that the paper and subsequent discussions will provide the basis for a stronger and long-term interaction between CAFF and WI in promoting conservation and sustainable management of Arctic wetland and water bird biodiversity across their ranges.

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