Jamaica - National Report for Third International Conference

Dr Michael Witter ; Government of Jamaica ; United Nations Development Programmeme (United Nations Development Programmeme) (2013)

Jamaicas preparation for the Third International Conference on the sustainabledevelopment of Small Island Developing States, (SIDS) scheduled to take place inApia, Samoa in mid-2014, began with a review of the progress made in theimplementation of the Barbados Programme of Action (BPOA) agreed in 1994,and the Mauritius Strategy for the further Implementation of the BPOA (MSI),agreed in 2005, and a national consultation on the new and emerging issues forJamaica and the rest of theSIDS. This document synthesizes the reports of both of these exercises on the eve of the regional conference of Caribbean SIDS toprepare for the upcoming conference in Samoa. Proposed issues for Jamaica and the SIDS to engage at the Samoa meeting were collated from targeted interviews with policy-makers and business persons, andpresentations and workshop reports from the national consultation. Thedominant issues in the respective categories were:managing the impact of climate change relieving the debt burden and securing investment resources to stimulate the development of a dynamic green economyeliminating poverty and all forms of inequity pursuing inclusive governance as a key element inbuilding enhanced regional and national capacities for implementation of commitments forging and sustaining working partnerships, especially among SIDS and with the rapidly developing countries of the South finding and securing, urgently, an appropriate space in the international architecture to locate and pursue the interests of SIDS

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