Zimbabwe's Fourth National Report To the Convention on Biological Diversity

Ministry of Environment & Natural Resources Management (2010)

The Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF), the biodiversity working group of the Arctic Council has released the Arctic Biodiversity Assessment (ABA), a report containing the best available science informed by traditional ecological knowledge on the status and trends of Arctic biodiversity and accompanying policy recommendations for biodiversity conservation. This is a report on the status, trends and threats to Zimbabwe's unique biodiversity. Studying component parts of Zimbabwe's ecosystems has contributed to an understanding of the nation's biological and physical resources and its diversity. The report also covers the status of the implementation of objectives and action plans, sectors and cross sector collaboration. Finally, an appraisal of Zimbabwe's progress towards achieving the 2010 CBD targets and its contribution to the Strategic plan is followed by recommendations on best ways forward to achieve its national goals and objectives in the near future.

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