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Evaluation of the UNEP Sub-programme on Environmental Governance  

dc.contributorEvaluation Office
dc.contributor.authorUN Environment Evaluation Office
dc.descriptionThe Evaluation Office conducted an evaluation of UNEP Sub-Programme on Environmental Governance (EG). The evaluation assessed the relevance of UNEP EG strategy and its delivery performance across its four main areas: a) International cooperation; b) International policy setting and technical assistance; c) National development planning, and; d) Sound science for decision-making. The evaluation also examined the effectiveness of management arrangements among UNEP Divisions for effective delivery of the EAs and PoW Outputs defined for the Sub-programme. Collaborative arrangements with other UN bodies, Inter-Governmental Organizations and institutions (including MEAs), regional bodies, National Governments, NGOs, scientific and environmental centres, and private sector organizations were also reviewed.
dc.subjectEnvironmental Governance
dc.titleEvaluation of the UNEP Sub-programme on Environmental Governance  
dc.typeSubprogramme Evaluations
wd.subject.keywordsEnvironmental governance
wd.subject.keywordsInternational environmental policy
wd.subject.keywordsenvironmental law
wd.subject.keywordsCorporate Evaluation
wd.subject.keywordsStrategic Evaluation
wd.subject.keywordsSubprogramme Evaluation
wd.subject.keywordsLinda Ghanimé
wd.subject.keywordsAnna Guerraggio
wd.subject.keywordsHugo Navajas
wd.subject.keywordsMichael Spilsbury
wd.subject.keywordsCorporate Evaluation
wd.subject.keywordsSubprogramme Evaluation

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