DRAFT MEETING SUMMARY - Meeting of the Bureau of the ad hoc open-ended expert group on marine litter and microplastics - Wednesday 22 July 2020

UNEP (2020-08-16)

Agenda item 1: Opening of the meeting and adoption of the agenda. 1. The Acting Chair opened the meeting and the agenda was adopted. Agenda item 2: Discussion on the feedback received from Member States and Stakeholders on the revised draft Scenario Note and deliberation on the way forward to deliver the AHEG outcome. 2. The acting Chair opened the second agenda item and outlined the changes made at the request of the Bureau in the revised draft Scenario Note, including with regard to: • Further clarification on the expected outcome of the expert group; • More clarity on the content and purpose of the online platform - which is to provide an interactive online forum for discussions, comments and interactions among experts on the studies mandated under subparagraph 7a, 7b and 7d of UNEA resolution 4/6;