G20 Energy Efficiency Finance and Investment: 2019 Stocktake Report

United Nations Environment Programme (2019)

The G20 Global Summit on Financing Energy Efficiency, Innovation and Clean Technology was held on June 12th, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan. It gathered over 140 senior executives of financial institutions, G20 policymakers and technology experts to take stock of the leading practices of G20 economies in scaling up the energy efficiency investment market. It set a milestone for the implementation of the 2017 G20 Energy Efficiency Investment Toolkit and useful review point for the progress made by the task group and its member economies. This stock-take report is based on participants’ insights, contributions and discussions and supplements these with additional findings from the numerous bilateral engagements the task group conducted in the lead-up to the 2019 G20 Summit. Summit participants took a particular interest in the real estate sector, which represents nearly half of global stored wealth. Considering the significant amount of new construction occurring in emerging and developing countries, real estate is a critical element of the global energy transition. The need for much better information and transparency of the energy efficiency performance of real estate assets, and the need to aggregate this information, is essential to move forward.

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