Terminal evaluation of the UNEP GEF project: Implementation of the strategic action programme for the Bermejo River binational basin phase II(Bermejo SAP II)

UN Environment Evaluation Office (2011)

This is a terminal evaluation of a UNEP GEF project implemented between 2001 and 2009. The projects overall objective was promoting the sustainable development of the Basin through priority actions in institutional development and strengthening; environmental conservation, protection, and rehabilitation; sustainable management of natural resources; public awareness and participation; and replication of activities. The Terminal Evaluation was conducted to analyse the performance of the Bermejo SAP II in terms of its relevance, effectiveness, and efficiency, and to determine the impacts and results achieved and their respective sustainability. The evaluation had two objectives: () to demonstrate results based on GEF and UNEP requirements; and (ii) to encourage learning, feedback, and the sharing of knowledge among the GEF, UNEP, COBINABE and other institutions associated with the SAP.

Terminal Project Evaluations