Indicators, Reporting and Implementation of the 2020 Goal - Foundational Paper to support Part II, Chapter 1 and 2 of the Global Chemicals Outlook II

Ivanova, Maria ; Escobar-Pemberthy, Natalia ; Urho, Niko (2018)

This paper provides an overview of the international system for the sound management of chemicals and waste and the mechanisms established to regulate the production, use, and trade of chemical substances worldwide and seeks lessons from other international mechanisms. It explains the origins of the system and its functions, and examines the targets and indicators established to measure progress on their implementation. Specifically, it provides a stocktaking of the existing reporting mechanisms in relevant global environmental conventions and other policy instruments. It identifies and reviews existing documents, which provide information on the state of implementation of various aspects of the 2020 goal. The analysis is based on indicators drawn from existing data and data sets on progress in implementing the goal across countries and regions and a set of global and regional maps illustrates progress. The paper provides guidance and options for assessing progress and setting priorities at the global and regional levels concerning the implementation of the 2020 goal and beyond.

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