Terminal evaluation of the UNEP GEF project: Demonstration of community based management of seagrass habitats in Trikora Beach

UN Environment Evaluation Office (2012)

This is a terminal evaluation of a UNEP GEF project implemented between 2007 and 2012. The project aimed to reduce environmental stress on the transboundary water body of the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand. More specifically, the project aimed to establish an integrated management system on a total of 1,500 hectares of the coastal and marine environment, which would ensure a cross-sectoral and participatory approach to address the threats and the root-causes of habitat degradation. The evaluation has two primary purposes: to provide evidence of results to meet accountability requirements; and to acquire feedback and promote learning and knowledge-sharing, to ultimately improve operations of medium-sized projects funded by the GEF, implemented by an agency in the United Nations, executed by a national scientific agency in partnership with a planning agency and local community.

Terminal Project Evaluations