High Level Panel Discussion: “Climate Resilient Transport Infrastructure for Sustainable Trade, Tourism and Development in SIDS” - Outcome Document

United Nations Environment Programme ; United Nations Conference on Trade and Development ; Environment and Trade Hub (2019)

Seaports and coastal airports are critical infrastructure assets that serve as catalysts of trade, economic growth and development. For Small Island Developing States (SIDS), coastal transport assets are lifelines for external trade, food and energy security - and tourism, a key driver of economic development and prosperity - as well as in the context of DRR. At the same time, SIDS suffer from “double exposure” to external economic and environmental shocks. While SIDS already face high exposure to natural disasters, compelling scientific studies project that climate change will increase the hydro-meteorological hazards for the coastal transport infrastructure of SIDS, with potentially significant socio-economic consequences (IPCC, 2014; IPCC, 2018; IPCC 2019).

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