Future Imperfect: Climate Change and Adaptation in the Carpathians

United Nations Environment Programme ; GRID-Arendal ; European Commission (2014)

This synthesis report is directed at policy makers and the public in the Carpathian region. It brings together important findings and recommendations about cli- mate change impacts and adaptation from three linked research studies funded by the European Commission: - Climate of the Carpathian Region (CARPATCLIM), led by the Hungarian Meteorological Service, har- monized historic climate data from 1961–2010. Its main aim was to improve climate data to inves- tigate how the regional climate has changed over this period. It produced a high-resolution database for the Larger Carpathian Region, freely available at www.carpatclim-eu.org. - Carpathian Integrated Assessment of Vulnera- bility to Climate Change and Ecosystem-based Adaptation Measures (CARPIVIA) assessed the vulnerability to climate change of the Carpathian region’s main ecosystems. The project produced an inventory of climate change effects and ecosys- tem-based adaptation measures. For further infor- mation see www.carpivia.eu. - Climate change in the Carpathian Region (CarpathCC) examined the vulnerability of water, soil, forests, ecosystems and related production systems. It pro- posed concrete ecosystem-based adaptation mea- sures, and it assessed their costs and benefits. For further information see www.carpathcc.eu.

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