Resource Efficiency and Climate Change: Material Efficiency Strategies for a Low-Carbon Future - Summary for Policymakers

United Nations Environment Programme ; International Resource Panel (2020)

This report conducts a rigorous assessment of the contribution of material efficiency to GHG abatement strategies. More concretely, it assesses the reduction potential of GHG emissions from material efficiency strategies applied in residential buildings and light duty vehicles, and reviews policies that address these strategies. It points to exciting new opportunities to reduce these impacts through material efficiencies in homes and cars. This report makes it clear that natural resources are vital for our wellbeing, our housing, our transportation and our food. Their efficient use is central to a future with universal access to sustainable and affordable energy sources, emissions-neutral infrastructure and buildings, zero emission transport systems, energy-efficient industries and low-waste societies. The strategies highlighted in this report can play a big part in making this future a reality.