City-Level Decoupling: Urban Resource Flows and the Governance of Infrastructure Transitions – Annex: Case Studies from Selected Cities

United Nations Environment Programme ; International Resource Panel (2013)

These cases were selected to showcase innovative and visionary approaches to sustainable infrastructure change across a broad range of contexts, and are intended to demonstrate the abundance of options available that could inspire leaders of other cities to embrace creative solutions. Contents include Sustainability through human unity in Auroville, India; The rise of green gated communities in Bangalore, India; Masdar, Abu Dhabi: a zero-carbon city in the Arabian desert; Songdo, Republic of Korea - A New International Eco-City; A sustainable island community on San Fransisco’s 'Treasure Island', California; Citizens contributing to urban sustainability in Vauban, Germany; Closing the resource loop through Urban Agriculture in Accra, Ghana; Shifting urban development away from automobiles in Bangkok, Thailand; Re-using water with on-site wastewater treatment in Beijingii; Durban’s closed-loop landfill site at Mariannhill, South Africa; Towards zero waste neighbourhoods in Kampala, Uganda; Sanitation provision in low income settlements in Orangi, Pakistan; A simple approach to BRT in Lagos, Nigeria; Community-driven sanitation in informal settlements in Lilongwe, Malawi; Aerial cable-cars in Medellin, Colombia: social inclusion and reduced emissions; Finnish municipalities working towards carbon neutrality; The Eco-Town Project in Kitakyushu, Japan; The City of Melbourne, Australia: Leading by Example; The Climate Action Plan of Portland, Oregon; The ‘Green Vision' of San Jose, California; Singapore: doing more with less water; The Transition Network and Community-led sustainability in Totnes, UK; Fossil Fuel Free Växjö, Sweden; Strengthening food security in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Energy-Efficient Housing Upgrades for the Poor in Cape Town, South Africa; The politics of sustainable water management in Chennai, India; Incentivised recycling in Curitiba, Brazil; Socialisation of solid waste management in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; 100% biogas-fuelled public transport in Linköping, Sweden; and Replacing Highways with Rivers: the Cheonggyecheon River Restoration Project in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

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