Report of the Implementation of the UNEP/WHO/Government Of Kenya East Africa Dental Amalgam Phase-Down Project

United Nations Environment Programme ; World Health Organization ; kenya, Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (2014)

The project oh phase-down approach was conceived to assist countries address the use of mercury in dental amalgam. It involved stakeholders in environment, health and dental practitioners. The project helped Kenya understand better Article 4 of the Convention on Mercury added products and specifically dental amalgam. The project also addresses the concern of the Kenya dental association for a structured move from dental amalgam that contains mercury. The project implementation included a trade and waste survey, stakeholder consultations, installation of waste separators and the understanding of how to implement part 1 of Article 4 paragraph 3 of the convention. The report has eight 8 sections. A background to mercury, a description of the phase-down approach, main activities in project implementation, a situational analysis, capacity building and elements of a stakeholder workshop.

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