Caring for the Earth: A Strategy for Sustainable Living

United Nations Environment Programme ; International Union for Conservation of Nature ; World Wide Fund For Nature (1991)

The aim of this document is to help improve the condition of the world's people, by defining two requirements. One is to secure a widespread and deeply-held commitment to a new ethic, the ethic for sustainable living, and to translate its principles into practice. The other is to integrate conservation and development: conservation to keep our actions within the Earth's capacity, and development to enable people everywhere to enjoy long, healthy and fulfilling lives. It extends and emphasizes the message of the World Conservation Strategy, published by the same organizations in 1980. The contents include: Building a sustainable· society; Respecting and caring for the community of life; Improving the quality of human life; Conserving the Earth's vitality and diversity; Keeping within the Earth's carrying capacity; Changing personal attitudes and practices; Enabling communities to care for their own environments; Providing a national framework for integrating development and conservation; Creating a global alliance; Energy; Business, industry and commerce; Human settlements; Farm and range lands; Forest lands; Fresh waters; Oceans and coastal areas; and Implementing the Strategy.

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