Multilevel Course on the Safe Use of Pesticides and on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Pesticide Poisoning

United Nations Environment Programme ; International Programme on Chemical Safety ; World Health Organization ; International Labour Organisation (1994)

This course is presented to try to meet the need for widescale training in the safe and effective use of pesticides. PART I opens by outlining the structure of the course. It discusses the techniques that can be used in the conduct of courses, and contains an example of the basic module. PART II gives suggestions for the training of trainers in a two-week course, and the organisation of training programmes lasting from one hour up to one week full-time or part-time equivalent, for various groups. PART Ill opens with a list of modules, arranged in sections and subjects. This is followed by the modules, numbered according to the list. Each section is preceded by the educational objectives suggested for various levels.

Manuals, Guides and Toolkits