Terminal evaluation of the UNEP project: Economics of ecosystems and biodiversity

UN Environment Evaluation Office (2011)

This is a terminal evaluation of a UNEP project implemented between 2008 and 2012.The overall project objective was to make a credible economic case for policy-makers, businesses, and consumers to conserve, sustainably use and invest in biodiversity and ecosystems; with the expected result that policy-makers, local administrators, business executives, consumers and local communities' representatives would support conserving, sustainably using, and investing in biodiversity and ecosystems. It also assesses project performance and the implementation of planned activities and outputs. The process is designed to assist UNEP in establishing: whether the project accomplished what it set out to do, and deployed the resources provided appropriately; and whether it has attributably made the intended net difference to global environmental conditions beyond what would have happened in its absence.

Terminal Project Evaluations