Photosynthesis in relation to Plant Production in Terrestrial Environments : Natural Resources and the Environment Series Volume 18

United Nations Environment Programme (1985)

This book presents the current state of the art on the subject of photosynthesis by initially describing in part one the various photosynthetic mechanisms in relation to plant productivity. Part two of the book deals with the influence of environmental factors notably solar radiation, the weather, edaphic factors and pollutants on photosynthetic productivity. Part three concentrates on research which has hitherto been carried out on photosynthetic productivity at the chloroplast, leaf, whole plant and canopy levels and finally biomass production at field level. The authors are particularly well fitted to have written such a book, each one of them contributing in his own area of competence. This book should prove valuable to postgraduate students, researchers, agriculturists, environmentalists and all readers interested in photosynthesis in relation to bioproductivity.

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