Climate Change: Science, Impacts and Policy - Proceedings of the Second World Climate Conference

United Nations Environment Programme ; World Meteorological Organization ; United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ; Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations ; Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission ; International Council of Scientific Unions (1990)

The primary goals of the Conference were: To formulate recommendations for the continuing World Climate Programme, taking into account the report of the IPCC, with a primary goal of insuring that authoritative scientific information is continually obtained and provided to governments for evaluating impacts, implementing responses, and developing additional international policies to address the issues of global climate change, environmentally sound and sustainable development, the survival of species, and the quality of human life. To provide an opportunity for Ministers: To consider specific follow-up actions pertaining to the IPCC Report and declarations of various international conferences relevant to climate change in an effort to identify elements that could give impetus to negotiations of the framework climate convention. To consider the special needs of developing countries including improvement of their access to climate data and information and to technology and additional financial resources . To consider specific goals for enhancing inter-governmental co-operation in monitoring, detecting and predicting global climate change.

Meeting reports and proceedings