Impact Monitoring of Agricultural Pesticides: Proceedings of the FAO/UNEP Expert Consultation on Impact Monitoring of Residues from the Use of Agricultural Pesticides in Developing Countries

United Nations Environment Programme ; Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (1976)

The FAO/UNEP expert consultation on 'Impact Monitoring of Residues from the Use of Agricultural Pesticides in Developing Countries' which was held in Rome from 29 September to 3 October 1975 was convened, in response to the widely expressed need to encourage and provide additional support for studies into the occurrence and environmental impacts of residues from the increasing amounts of pesticides being used in food production particularly in developing countries. The expert consultation discussed a range of subjects and a summary of these discussions, followed by a series of recommendations, is included in the report that has been published since the meeting (Ref. AGPP: MISC/22). The recommendations cover various steps that are needed to initiate and/or to extend work in developing countries on the impacts of pesticides in the environment. These recommendations were prepared after study and discussion of much background material. The present volume contains a selection of the papers that were prepared specially for the meeting. The export consultation recommended that the volume should be prepared to supplement the report which is being distributed with a view to stimulating further activities on the subject.

Meeting reports and proceedings