Hand Pumps for use in Drinking Water Supplies in Developing Countries - Technical Paper No. 10

United Nations Environment Programme ; World Health Organization (1977)

The objectives of this document include: i) To assemble and review information ca hand pumps currently being pro-duced in both developing and industrialized countries; ii) To assemble and review available information on simple pumps that are suitable for manufacture by village artisans using locally procurable materials; iii) To assemble and review information on hand pump development and field trials, especially those programs that have attempted to determine the causes of pump failures or malfunctions including deficiencies of design, manufacture, operation, and maintenance; iv) Based on analysis and interpretation of the above information, to draft guidelines and recommendations on design and selection, manufacture, and maintenance of hand pumps; and v) To provide basic documentation for hand pump development work and working n-ieetings on hand pumps.

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