Factual Contribution from EC Services to NBS Consultation for UN Climate

European Commission (2019)

The H2020 projects on NBS, supported by DG RTD and EASME, are working together through 5 thematic taskforces that have been created to jointly foster NBS upscaling and mainstreaming in Europe and beyond. They are all contributing to provide a robust, wide evidence base on the benefits, cost-effectiveness and economic viability and opportunities of NBS for systematically addressing climate change as well as other global issues. The taskforces are 1) on innovative finance, business and governance models for NBS; 2) on frameworks and indicators to assess NBS effectiveness (building on the Eklipse Impact Evaluation Framework); 3) on interoperability of EU data on NBS and the creation of a EU common knowledge repository (OPPLA); 4) on the organization of common communication actions (eg. NBS Cooperation Manifesto); and 5) on NBS for hydro-meteorological risk reduction at the landscape level.