NBS Good Practices from Chinese Government: Social Participation in Nature Reserve Management

China (2019)

The establishment of a nature reserve system and the strengthening of corresponding management not only meet the requirements of biodiversity conservation, but are also beneficial for sustaining stable and resilient ecosystems. Nature-based solutions mean to avoid risks depending on the forces from nature. In this way, complete and stable ecosystems can serve as green barriers to protect mankind against climate change risks. Therefore, promoting the construction and management of nature reserves is one of the main ways to mitigate and adapt to climate change and reduce the impacts of climate disasters. Poverty reduction when protecting biodiversity allows local residents to be relived fundamentally from the dependency on natural resources and the damage of wildlife resources. Such an approach not only has a positive effect on nature reserve management, but also contributes to the mitigation and adaptation to climate change. Especially, the elimination of deforestation and promotion of clean energy have direct impacts on the mitigation of climate change.