NBS Good Practices from Chinese Government: Ecological Restoration in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province

China (2019)

The Xuzhou Urban Construction Key Project Office is responsible for the annual plan preparation, pre-planning, schedule scheduling, promotion coordination, supervision and assessment of the city's ecological restoration project. The Development and Reform Commission is responsible for project approval, and the Planning Bureau is responsible for coordinating relevant planning. The Municipal Garden Bureau is responsible for the city. For the implementation of ecological restoration and landscaping projects, the Land and Resources Bureau is responsible for mine rehabilitation, land reclamation and land restoration after restoration. The Urban and Rural Construction Bureau is responsible for the demolition and reconstruction of shanty towns and urban villages. The Agriculture Committee is responsible for the greening of the barren hills and the upgrading of the mountain landscape. The Water Resources Bureau is responsible for the city. Water ecological restoration and river and lake water system and other waterfront greening, environmental protection is responsible for improving air, water quality and total pollutant emission reduction, the Urban Administration is responsible for the urban environmental comprehensive improvement project, and the Transportation Bureau is responsible for the greening and beautification of the main urban trunk roads. At present, ecological restoration work has been basically completed.