Handbook for Mangrove Area Management

United Nations Environment Programme ; International Union for Conservation of Nature (1984)

This handbook, which was prepared by a group of leading mangrove researchers and managers, summarizes the most up-to-date in-formation on the range of products, benefits, and services provided by the world's mangrove resources. Our objectives go further than this, however, and guidelines are provided through-out the handbook for sustainable, multiple-use management of mangrove ecosystems. Sustain-able use is a theme of prime importance in approaches for better utilization of the mangrove resource. Failure to view the resource in this way has led to inefficient use and waste of man-groves and denied their many other values to the coastal people who depend on them for fundamental needs - food, fuel, shelter, and monetary earnings. Poor management decisions and practices have severe and direct social, economic, and ecological impacts.

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