Formative Evaluation of the UNEP 2014-2017 Medium Term Strategy

UN Environment Evaluation Office (2014)

The Scope of the evaluation encompasses both the development process and the substance of the UNEP Medium Term Strategy (MTS) 2014-2017, and includes the Programmes of Work (PoWs) for 2014-2015 and 2016-2017, the Programme Framework (PF) documents for each Subprogramme, their associated project concepts and approved Project Documents (ProDocs). The evaluation objective of this Formative Evaluation is to assess the appropriateness of the design of the MTS and its associated planning documents in time to inform the next MTS and PoW planning cycle. The evaluation is intended to provide findings, lessons learned and recommendations in the first biennium of the 2014-17 MTS, based on an analysis of the quality, coherence and causal relationships specified across UNEP's planning documents.

Medium Term Strategy Evaluations