Desertification Control Bulletin Number 26, 1995: A Bulletin of World Events in the Control of Desertification Restoration of Degraded Lands and Reforestation

United Nations Environment Programme (1995)

In this issue: International Convention to Combat Desertification - Sixth Session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee; Interactions of Desertification and Climate: An Overview; Use of Highly Saline Water for Irrigation; Method of Collecting and Storing Local Surface Runoff for Water Supply in Central Asian Deserts; Desertification is Not a Myth; Desertification in the Aravalli Hills of Haryama: Progress Towards a Viable Solution; Assessment of Mobile Sand and Strategy for its Control in Kuwait; Cholistan Desert in a State of Flux; Impacts of Trade, Structural Adjustment and Economic Policies on Desertification in Africa.