Achieving Multiple Global Objectives in a Synergistic and Pragmatic Manner through Scaling up Public-Private Partnerships for Managing Protected Areas

African Parks (2019)

How the contribution leverages living natural systems as a solution to avert climate change? Ensuring nature-based climate solutions are about conserving and restoring wild places and planting indigenous species, so that we achieve biodiversity and climate objectives is critical to delivering on both biodiversity and climate-related international commitments in a synergistic manner. Using the public-private partnership model, we have shown how public and private finance can be mobilised and blended to manage protected areas in a way that delivers for biodiversity and climate, while also delivering on the SDGs. By focusing on protected areas, achieving the SDGs, as well as meeting international commitments under multiple global conventions, including on climate change, biodiversity, desertification, migratory species, trade in endangered species, international wetlands of importance and world heritage sites, synergise on-the-ground in a pragmatic and measurable manner. This is what we see in Garamba, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).