Food System Transformation: A Sustainable and Healthy Nature-based Solution

EAT Foundation (2019)

The organizations behind this contribution commit to taking action within national and subnational jurisdictions as well as in business strategies and practices to address two key drivers of climate change and malnutrition in our food systems: Food production. Identify the most strategic opportunities for change in food production practices to (a) turn agriculture into a net carbon sink (b) improve food security, (c) improve availability and affordability of healthy and nutritious foods, (d) boost food system resilience to unavoidable climate change, and (e) reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with agriculture. Unhealthy diets. Identify the most strategic opportunities for shifting diets towards healthier and more nutritious foods that are healthy for people and planet, based on the best available science and considering a wide range of policy, regulatory and market-based levers across sectors. Such dietary shifts, will reduce critical pressure on land, save lives, and improve wellbeing and economies while, substantially contributing to combating climate change and other environmental challenges.