Supporting Bankable Deals for Climate Mitigation and Adaptation through Investments in Nature

International Union for Conservation of Nature (2019)

The BNCFF and CFF are contributions aimed at reducing the access barrier to private finance for project developers. They both help bridge the funding gap in climate and conservation finance by preparing investment opportunities for the private sector. They support projects with high climate and conservation benefits and advances them to a stage at which for-profit investors start seeing them as an investment opportunity (i.e. bankability). With a particular focus on climate change, sustainable fisheries and plastic-free oceans, the BNCFF is a tool that offers meaningful and lasting positive and transformative impacts. The BNCFF has started to develop a relevant pipeline and a first project was recently approved. The CPIC’s Conservation Finance Facility (CFF) combines 2 M USD of grant funding from The Rockefeller Foundation with 6 M USD of concessional finance from the Global Environment Facility. Grants will be awarded to project developers who come forward with proposals to deliver investment opportunities that will produce a return, and also a measurable impact on the conservation of biodiversity. Once these projects pass through the grant phase, where they will build business plans, convene project participants and agree natural resource management mechanisms, they can apply for loan or equity positions from the GEF resources.