Accelerating Adaptation by Spurring a Paradigm Shift in Water Engineering in Indonesia, with Replication in Asia and Globally

Wetlands International ; Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (2019)

It is MMAF’s ambition to spur a paradigm shift in hydraulic engineering in Indonesia, Asia and ultimately worldwide through the establishment of a BwN platform, to convene public private and civil society actors in the fields of science, policy, practice and finance across disciplines. Objectives include: Developing the socioeconomic and biophysical knowledge that underpins successful BwN solutions, translation into design guidelines and training to stimulate sound replication; Contributing to an enabling policy environment for BwN solutions, resolving barriers through policy reform, development of guidelines, tools, enhanced procurement protocols and mobilising finance; Putting BwN solutions into practice at scale through projects in vulnerable environments, implemented by multi-disciplinary civil society-public-private consortia.