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Threatened species: Proposal for their protection in Europe and Spain

dc.contributor.authorPardo, Enrique Aguilar, Ricardo
dc.contributor.editorMadina, Marta
dc.date2009 2009
dc.publisherOceana - Caixa Catalunya Obra Social
dc.titleThreatened species: Proposal for their protection in Europe and Spain
dc.description.versionCopy 1 (English)
unepmap.descriptorsMarine resources conservation - European Community, Marine ecology - European Community, Endangered species - European Community Marine habitat - European Community Marine resources conservation - Spain, Marine ecology - Spain, Endangered species - Spain Marine habitat - Spain, Barcelona Convention, Bern Convention Bonn Convention or Convention on Migratory Species, OSPAR Convention UICN International Union for Conservation of Nature, Red List, UNCLOS
unepmap.identifier.categoryMAP Library

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