Fifth face to face meeting of the Outlooks authors for the sixth Global Environment Outlook

United Nations Environment Programme (2018)

Meeting objectives - Move the Outlooks chapters towards third order draft quality by (2.5 days); Addressing all comments received from the second order draft technical review; period and from the scientific editor's team; Improving coherence of single chapters and within the entire part B; Improve the quality of the chapters by; completing the scenario/outlook review chapter; advancing the methodology and conclusions chapters; linking the 'seeds' chapter to the top-down scenarios chapters; Ensuring that all components needed for a 2nd Order draft version are included in the chapters (references and citations, graphs and charts and so on); Address any comments on structural, technical or science editing provided by the editing team; Ensuring a full set of conclusions and recommendations related to the Healthy Planet and Healthy People theme of the sixth Global Environment Outlook.

Agenda and Planning Documents

Global environment outlook (GEO)