Environmental Impact Assessment - UNSOA (United Nations Support Office for AMISOM): Proposed Expansion of Logistics Base, Mombasa, Kenya

United Nations Environment Programme (2010)

The United Nations Support Office for AMISOM is a logistics operation that supplies the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) with necessary supplies and equipment. The Mombasa logistics base acts as a hub in this operation to which goods from different suppliers are tested for functionality and temporarily stored before being repackaged and shipped by sea to Somalia. Due to increases in troop numbers stationed in Somalia, it is proposed that the logistics base is required to expand – this expansion may take the form of increase in area of the existing base AWL site or the development of a new base within the compound of the Mombasa Airport site. On request from the UN Department for Field Support a reduced scope environmental impact assessment has been conducted to assess key environmental concerns related to the two alternatives. The EIA included looking at potential impacts on the human, physical, and ecological environment. This includes (to the extent possible given the resources available) socioeconomics, community infrastructure and services, health, safety and security issues, natural resources, pollution of air, soils, or water resources, and impacts on protected reserves. The results of the assessment are followed by suggestions on suitable mitigation efforts.

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