Terminal evaluation of the UNEP project: International Panel for Sustainable Resource Management-Initiative, including UNEP Project CP/4020-06-06 (Period 2006-2009)

UN Environment Evaluation Office (2011)

This is a terminal evaluation of the UNEP project implemented from 2006 to 2009. The International Panel for Sustainable Resource Management, is an overarching UNEP-initiative of which the Project CP/4020-06-06 (3985) is (financially) supported through the EC Grant Agreements. The overall objective of CP/4020-06-06 was to foster [resource-efficient and environmentally sound economic development globally and stimulate innovation] [sustainable resource management] leading to the [overall] de-coupling of economic growth and environmental degradation. The objective of this evaluation was to examine the contribution of the Resource Panel towards the achievement of Expected Accomplishments and the extent, and magnitude of any impacts to date. The evaluation will also determine the likelihood of future impacts; assess Project performance and the implementation of planned Project activities / outputs against actual results. This evaluation only covers the activities under the EC Grant Agreement funding

Terminal Project Evaluations