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Evaluation of the UNEP Sub-programme on Environmental Assessment

dc.contributorEvaluation Office
dc.contributor.authorUN Environment Evaluation Office
dc.descriptionThe Environmental assessment sub-programme of UNEP has existed in some form or another since the creation of UNEP after the Stockholm Conference in l972. Over the years various components under Environmental Assessment have been created within the Secretariat to deal with the original as well as emerging assessment needs. The evaluation of Environmental Assessment, carried out for the period 1992-93, consists of separate chapters for the four components/ entities. In addition some general comments were made at the end about the future developments of the Subprogramme keeping in mind the reconstruction of the UNEP Secretariat that has taken place in the latter half of 1993.
dc.subjectEnvironment Under Review
dc.titleEvaluation of the UNEP Sub-programme on Environmental Assessment
dc.typeSubprogramme Evaluations
wd.subject.keywordsEnvironmental assessments
wd.subject.keywordsEnvironment under review
wd.subject.keywordsAssessment needs
wd.subject.keywordsC. C. Wallen
wd.subject.keywordsCorporate Evaluation
wd.subject.keywordsSubprogramme Evaluation

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