Uganda Wetlands Atlas - Volume II

United Nations Environment Programme ; United Nations Development Programme (2016)

Wetlands underpin the livelihoods of people and their integrity is fundamental to national development. The Uganda Wetlands Atlas, Volume II presents a comprehensive overview of the state and pressures on the wetlands in various parts of the country. Satellite and other visual presentations provide a compelling evidence of the changes taking place in the wetlands as a result of human activities. The Atlas identifies key hotspots where wetland degradation is proceeding at such a rapid pace that it now threatens to undermine the security and social fabric of communities. The Atlas sets the context by providing an introductory overview of wetlands management in the country, as well as the institutional, policy and legal framework. The visual analysis is then clustered in seven different wetland systems and basins. The seven wetland systems are; Lake Victoria Basin, Lake Kyoga Basin, Lake Albert Basin, Lake Edward Basin, Albert Nile Basin, Achwa, and Victoria Nile. The Atlas also proposes a series of options to remedy the current degradation and ensure a sustainable use of the country’s wetlands. It is envisaged that this publication will serve as an important reference tool for policy and decision makers, civil society, educators, students, and the general public.

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