Uganda Wetlands Atlas - Volume I

United Nations Environment Programme ; United Nations Development Programme (2015)

This publication has been driven by the need to address the rising concerns about the impact of human activities on wetlands in Uganda, particularly those around the Kampala metropolitan area. This visual portrayal is clustered into five major themes: an introductory overview of wetlands management, institutional, policy and legal framework for general awareness of issues in the wetlands of Uganda and the Kampala metropolitan area; a brief overview of major wetland systems in the study area comprised of Kampala City, Mukono and Wakiso districts; a general description of the drivers of wetland changes, with detailed analysis for selected hotspots in Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono; wetland pressures, impacts, constraints and opportunities; and strategies for ensuring the wise use of these vital but fragile ecosystems. With up-to-date maps, recent and historical satellite images, ground photographs, data tables, graphs and compelling storylines, the Wetlands Atlas provides a vivid depiction of the state of Uganda’s major urban and peri-urban wetlands. It is envisaged that this Atlas will serve as an important reference tool for policy makers, legislators, corporate bodies, environmentalists, educators, students and the general public.

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