Key messages from Major Groups Delivered during the GMGSF in Session 9 Children and Youth on UNEP Major Groups Facilitating Committee

United Nations Environment Programme (2013-02-17)

Honorable delegates, In preparation for the 27th GC/GMEF, social media was used to inspire and invite as many young people of MGCY as possible to join an inclusive drafting process. The UNEP MGCY Position Paper contains suggestions, recommendations, concerns, and encouragements proposed by children and youth that reflect the themes of the UNEP Tunza strategy to engage and involve young people in environmental issues. Within the patterns and themes that have emerged, there is a strong presence of core values nurtured by young people. Among these values, we have highlighted the importance of education to offer opportunities, training, mentorship, to strengthen today’s growing leaders with the capacity they need to help implement the Rio+20 outcomes.