Asia – Pacific Civil Society Statement to the 10th Global Civil Society Forum and the 25th Session of the UNEP Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum (GC/GMEF)

Asia – Pacific Civil Society (2008-11)

Members of Asia – Pacific civil society organisations met at the International Environmental Governance (IEG) Forum and the Regional Consultation Meeting for Asia and the Pacific (RCM-AP) from 27 – 30 November 2008 in Sydney, Australia. This text of the Asia – Pacific Civil Society Statement highlights key elements upon which the participants reached a broad agreement as a priority for promoting environmental management, addressing climate change problems, pursuing sustainable development, improving governance and enhancing the involvement of civil society in pursuing such policy goals recognizing that environment management and justice have not been accorded due priority within governments. Poverty remains pervasive across the region and the forum urges governments to continue to work towards appropriate remedies.