The Role of Major Groups in the Post‐Rio+20 Agenda

United Nations Environment Programme (2012-11-22)

Major Groups and “The Future We Want” ∗ Pre‐Rio+20: almost two‐thirds of Submissions for the Zero Draft came from the Major Groups ∗ Rio+20: there were more MGS participants than government delegates ∗ “Major Groups and Stakeholders”: only mentioned seven (7) times in the Rio+20 Outcome Document (53 pp, 283 paras.) ∗ “Local communities” – mentioned eight (8) times ∗ “NGOs”: three (3) times ∗ “Trade unions: ‐ five (5) times ∗ Section on “Engaging Major Groups and Other Stakeholders” (paras. 42‐55) under the chapter on Renewing Political Commitments