Common Statement:  Major Group Facilitating Committee and Regional Representatives on UNEP's Draft Policy on Stakeholder Engagement 

United Nations Environment Programme (2016-03-24)

- The Major Group Facilitating Committee and Regional Representatives (MGFC & RR) support UNEP’s efforts to enhance Major Group and other stakeholder engagement in all its work.  In this respect, MGFC & RR welcome the work toward a Draft Policy on Stakeholder Engagement.    - MGFC & RR appreciate UNEP’s dedication to openness and substantive engagement with Major Groups and other stakeholders.  The continuing progress in this area has advanced UNEP’s work, while providing lessons in good practice.  MGFC has also evolved to improve transparency and governance, and to include regional perspectives in its work; as such, it can form a basis on which to build improvement and expansion.  We look forward to continuing our partnership to provide a resource for the new, strengthened and improved UNEP, including its U.N. Environment Assembly (UNEA) and the Committee on Permanent Representatives (CPR).