Recommendations of the Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Consultation to UNEP´s Global Major Groups and Stakeholders Forum: Cozumel, Quintana Roo, from 24 to 26 November

United Nations Environment Programme (2010-11-24)

INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL GOVERNANCE 1.Considering the weak existing global environmental architecture, a reform is necessary to raise the political level of UNEP to strengthen its structure, capabilities, resources and regional presence, especially that of ROLAC, so that UNEP assumes a strong leadership in light of the serious environmental situation affecting our planet and to allow the coordination and promotion of environmental programmes at Global and Regional levels, with transparency, broad participation of major groups and accountability mechanisms. 2. It is essential to undertake a process of building and strengthening capacities on international environmental governance within and in conjunction with major groups, to inform, in a coordinated action, international environmental policy and the implementation of incremental structural reforms. 3. We welcome the creation of the Major Groups and t Stakeholders Advisory Group on International Environmental Governance, conceived as a regionally balanced forum. We believe that its work is essential to ensure direct channels for information exchange between the Advisory Group members and organizations actively involved in the decision cycle of UNEP policies, both globally and regionally.

Meeting report/proceedings