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Latin America and the Caribbean for Environmental Democracy:

dc.contributorGovernance Affairs Officeen_US
dc.contributor.authorUnited Nations Environment Programmeen_US
dc.coverage.spatialLatin America and the Caribbeanen_US
dc.descriptionArguments for a LAC Instrument - Promotes joint action to confront shared environmental challenges Many important environmental challenges that our countries confront straddle beyond their national boundaries, so national advances- even when fully implemented- are insufficient. Instead there is a need for joint action at the regional level - Addressing new and complex issues: better prepare through cooperation. - Fosters dialogue, cooperation, capacity building and technical assistance - Allows to better face the lack of resources; way for synergies with ongoing funding - Contributes to prevent and/or mitigate social conflicts: a Regional Agreement can promote and ensure greater social inclusion; a peaceful way to channel interests, concerns and citizen demands that often go beyond national borders - Adding regional level, favors State policies, effective compliance and accountabilityen_US
dc.subject.classificationEnvironmental Governanceen_US
dc.titleLatin America and the Caribbean for Environmental Democracy:en_US
dc.title.alternativeTowards a Regional Instrumenten_US
dc.typeMeeting report/proceedingsen_US
wd.meeting.nameRegional Workshop on the Implementation of Rio Principle 10 in the Caribbean Regionen_US
wd.identifier.collectionMeeting Documentsen_US

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