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Brief Introduction to the Bali Guidelines and the World Congress

dc.contributorGovernance Affairs Officeen_US
dc.contributor.authorUnited Nations Environment Programmeen_US
dc.coverage.spatialLatin America and the Caribbeanen_US
dc.descriptionAccess to Information, Public Participation and Access to Justice (the rights of access) as enshrined in Principle 10 of the Rio Declaration from 1992 are: - a key element of good environmental governance, - a foundation for the full exercise of substantive environmental rights, - One of the most representative examples of the close and direct linkages between human rights and environment.en_US
dc.subject.classificationEnvironmental Governanceen_US
dc.titleBrief Introduction to the Bali Guidelines and the World Congressen_US
dc.typeMeeting report/proceedingsen_US
wd.meeting.nameRegional Workshop on the Implementation of Rio Principle 10 in the Caribbean Regionen_US
wd.identifier.collectionMeeting Documentsen_US

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