Final Statement and position on Stakeholder Engagement Policy

United Nations Environment Programme (2016-02)

A critical issue for UNEA-2 is the Stakeholder Engagement Policy. While we recognize progress has been made, we are disappointed that Member States have yet to deliver on their Rio+20 commitment. We are opposed to proposals that curtail accreditation on the basis of a no objection, silent veto, that threatens to exclude a just representation of major groups. Any formulation of this policy should progress and not regress from existing practices at UNEP, in the spirit of Rio+20. It is time to overcome the political deadlock. Furthermore, in whatever process takes place between now and UNEA, the Member States should ensure the meaningful involvement of the Major Groups. We offer eight comments on the proposed UNEA-2 Resolutions under the UNEA theme of “The environmental dimension of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda” and we will upload a longer statement to the UNEA portal.