The Nairobi Convention Secretariat’s Definition of “ICZM Instruments”

United Nations Environment Programme (02/03/2016)

After the negotiations, a number of issues and definitions remained unresolved including, but not limited to: Geographical Coverage (protocol area), Objectives of the ICZM, ICZM instruments, Conservation and Rehabilitation of Coastal Ecosystems, Biodiversity and Landscapes, and Disaster Risk Management.A number of Contracting Parties offered to develop text for the articles where there was no agreement and further, requested the Secretariat to define the term “instruments” and communicate the definition to the Contracting Parties and get feedback from them.The explanations below provide the Secretariat’s definition of “ICZM Instruments” for consideration at the Second Negotiations Meeting on the ICZM protocol on 21 to 22 March, 2016 in Mauritius.

Discussion paper